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Friends of Lansdowne

Friends of Lansdowne is a grassroots coalition of citizens who care about the future of Lansdowne Park. Our goal is to promote Lansdowne Park as a sustainable, accessible public space for the benefit of all. We support revitalization of Lansdowne Park which is fair, open, fiscally responsible and consistent with the site's heritage values.

Latest News

  • THANK YOU for your donations. We have achieved our fundraising goal and have settled the last remaining bills from our court case. [Read more...]
  • Follow developments at Lansdowne Park. Construction of the commercial/residential complex is underway, as is the renovation of the sports facilities. See photos and updates at the Glebe Community Association's website
  • Friends of Lansdowne went to court—to fight for a fair, open and transparent process when it comes to municipal decision-making. This fight was important, despite the disappointing outcome, and we are glad we did everything we could. A big thank you to all our contributors. [Read more...]
  • The October 2012 issue of the Glebe Report has two in-depth articles on Lansdowne Park. One examines the day-to-day traffic impacts (this is the traffic that is generated by the condos, office and shopping uses, not by special events); the other analyzes the contaminated soils issue. Both articles raise serious concerns. For example, it is estimated that daily traffic on Bank Street will increase by 50% (2.7 million vehicles a year). Find these well-researched articles on pages 12 to 14 here: www.glebereport.ca/Issues/2012/Glebe_Oct_for_web.pdf
  • Friends of Lansdowne raised over $2000 at its movie matinee fundraiser at the Mayfair Theatre on Saturday, October 20, 2012. This money will go towards some outstanding legal fees. If you care to donate, click here.
  • City staff have admitted that they falsely accused Friends of Lansdowne of causing delays in the Lansdowne project. They now admit that they were delayed by 18 months by the planning process, not the legal case: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2012/10/02/ottawa-lansdowne-final-report-fedco-meeting.html
  • On October 10, 2012, City Council approved the Lansdowne Partnership Plan. See the final report  and the submission of Friends of Lansdowne.
  • Asking the Right Questions: A Guide for Municipal Officials Considering P3s, read more about this new publication... 
  • So much for Lansdowne not costing taxpayers a dime‏... Find out about the financial costs to taxpayers [read more]. Also read about what is happening in Edmonton.
  • On August 21, 2012, the Province of Ontario's Ministry of the Environment provided the public with detailed information on the management of toxic soils at Lansdowne Park. The Certificate of Property Use (CPU) outlines the risk assessment and risk management measures for contaminated soils in one part of Lansdowne Park (Parcel C). Specifically, this CPU concerns the toxic material being buried in a berm close to the Rideau Canal and left in situ in an old underground inlet. You can find the CPU online at www.ebr.gov.on.ca under EBR registry number 011-6997. The period for public comment is now over. It is not known when the Ministry will release further information.
  • Friends of Lansdowne has decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Read the statement by the Friends of Lansdowne here. View the full press conference here.
  • On June 5, 2012, a city contractor began cutting down mature trees in Sylvia Holden Park without any public notice. Two residents managed to stop the tree-cutting by chaining their bicycles to the machinery and calling Councillor Chernushenko. Read more about what's going on here. Hear the perspective of local residents. See Sylvia Holden Park then & now.
  • The Ottawa Citizen has published an op ed piece from the President of Friends of Lansdowne, June Creelman. Read the letter How to improve the Lansdowne deal for citizens here.
  • Friends of Lansdowne is disappointed with the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal on the Lansdowne Legal Challenge. Read the court decision here. Read the FOL comments here. Read our factum here.
  • There's always a lot going on. Read more on our the latest updates and recent newsletters.

Contact the Friends of Lansdowne

Here's our mailing address to get in touch with us: Friends of Lansdowne, c/o Ted Lupinski CA, 137 Second Ave, Suite 2, Ottawa ON, K1S 2H4 or by email FriendsofLansdowne@gmail.com.

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